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Is your part ownership really a timeshare? Is your part ownership really a timeshare?

No, our goal with Partbnb is to help you and other people who love the Caribbean obtain genuine, fair and transparent shared ownership of standalone vacation homes. We believe the way to achieve that is that you and our other owners should share in the title, value increases, income, expenses, and major decisions affecting the property, while each owner is free to sell his ownership whenever he chooses to.

What are the fees/costs?What are the fees/costs?

All fees are included in the breakdown of the price-per-part on the property. There are usual fees/costs related to purchasing a property, including setup fees, stamp duties, company setup, and legal fees. There is also a yearly maintenance fee payable for Partbnb to operate the ownership structure, manage the property, and manage short-term rentals. We believe in total transparency, and you can view details of all fees/costs here.

What does Partbnb do?What does Partbnb do?

When you purchase the property, you agree that we’re appointed as the property ownership manager on behalf of all the owners. Our initial job is to locate suitable properties, bring together potential owners, and ensure a smooth purchase process for all. Then we ensure the property is setup and operated as a carefree vacation home. Our team takes care of all maintenance, bookings, short-term rentals, owner meetings, updates, reporting, guest assistance, financials etc. We act as a convenient intermediary between all owners, including operating the platform to assist you and other owners in all aspects of ongoing fractional ownership.

Who is eligible to buy? Who is eligible to buy?

There are no citizenship restrictions on eligibility. To make a purchase, you must be able to prove that you have the funds to facilitate the settlement of your part. In rare cases, certain individuals may not receive approval from the local government to purchase a property due to criminal convictions or other reasons for ineligibility. Please contact our team if you are unsure about your eligibility.

How do I see details about a property?How do I see details about a property?

Simply create a free account, which takes less than 30 seconds. Then you’ll be able to view all of the details about available properties, including photos, videos, property facts, financial information, location details, and much more. You’ll also be able to join us for live or streamed open homes to view more about the property and ask questions.

When can I stay at the home?When can I stay at the home?

Each part owner receives 45 days a year for each part they own. A dedicated booking calendar is used to secure and record owner bookings. In the event of a conflict, our fair prioritization system is utilized. Short-term rentals are made available on unused nights. The rentals are offered as a last resort so owners get the first pick of available times. View full details about the booking system here.

Do I have to stay at specific times or weeks?Do I have to stay at specific times or weeks?

No, our dedicated smart booking calendar system enables owners to choose the dates that suit them. In the event of a conflict, our prioritization system is used to ensure that every owner enjoys fair use of the home.

Is the part ownership an investment?Is the part ownership an investment?

Partbnb is not registered to offer investment securities. We’re a property management company that facilitates the purchase of homes to be shared among multiple owners. Title to all part-owned properties is held entirely by the 8 owners of each property and is fulfilled by holding a 1/8 part of the ownership. There is a management agreement in place between the owners and Partbnb to manage the property and maintain the fractional ownership platform. In some cases, there may be income payable to owners from short-term rentals. This income is not guaranteed and should not be considered to be.